Globus Action Provider - Python SDK

This SDK is a Python toolkit to help developers create Action Providers for use in Globus Automate or for invocation via Globus Flows.

This toolkit is experimental and no support is implied for any sort of use of this package. It is published for ease of distribution among those planning to use it for its intended experimental purpose.


The fundamental purpose of the Globus Automate platform is to tie together multiple operations or units of work into a coordinated orchestration. We refer to each of these operations as an Action. In particular, the Flows service provides a means of coordinating multiple actions across potentially long periods of time to perform some aggregate function larger than any single Action provides. The Triggers service ties Events, or occurrences within a managed environment, to Actions such that each occurrence of the Event automatically invokes the Action associated with it.

In both the Flows and the Triggers cases, the Actions require a uniform interface for invocation, monitoring and possibly termination so that new Actions may be introduced without requiring customization or re-implementation of the invoking services. We refer to the service endpoints which can be invoked in this manner as Action Providers and the uniform interface for interacting with the Action Providers as the Action Provider Interface. This toolkit facilitates the creation of custom Action Providers which can be invoked throughout the Globus Automate platform.